Happenstance. (2014)

When I reached my early twenties, my father's family revealed a culmination of stories regarding my relatives whom had passed, all of whom I hadn't met. Many passed before my birth, but I found connections regarding my blood line and it's juxtaposition to my own mortality. Through the memories of my relatives, I created two physical bodies, cultivating relationships within my own reality. 

Traci was my cousin. She passed at 21 while swimming.
Ron was my uncle. He crashed at 26.

When I was 5 years old I dreamt I was driving a car. I careened down a steep hill and went off the road. The car travelled through a path in the tree line, which opened up to a lake with a dock. The car crossed the dock and dived into the lake. 

I saw myself underwater. 

Traci is a coptic bound artist book containing 132 pages. Each number stamped page represents the days of waiting, from Traci's disappearance, to when her body was found.